Thread Wrapped Bangles DIY

I had a request for a tutorial on thread-wrapped bracelets like the one worn here:

1. Select your colors; you can use as few or as many as you want. Don't unwind your skeins or everything will get tangled as your wrap, just pull a foot or so loose to start with.
2. Tie all strands together with an overhand knot and tape (or glue) to the inside of the bracelet.
3. With one color, start wrapping the string around the bangle. Make sure to cover the other strings on the inside of the bracelet with each pass
4-5. When you want to change colors, simply put the thread you were working with back in the group and select another to continue wrapping with.
6. When you reach the beginning again, finish the bracelet by knotting the last string you worked with to the rest of the colors, applying a dab of strong glue on the knot, and then trimming off the ends with sharp scissors. Voila!

{ Shown in first photo: Adesso Amitola Bangle $100-$180 (square) and Amrita Singh Bangles w/Chain }