Worn: Hawaiian Tropic

Hi friends, sorry about the little absence! I'm back with a dress I made myself after spying a similar one in a Target collaboration. Nothing says summer better than wild tropical prints that belong on a resort sofa somewhere! If you want to make a similar dress, check out my tutorial here!

I wore this for a nice dinner visit with my ma. We gobbled up delicious Chinese food at Happy Village and did some serious bargain hunting next door. It's funny they still make weird old-fashioned candy, but only for sale at discount stores. I couldn't resist some caramel creams. Plus, I finally found a canopy that will fit on the deck outside our bedroom; I can't wait to create a kind of outdoor extension of the room, a shaded, breezy lounging area between the garden and the indoors. Now I just need to find reasonably priced strings of lantern lights! It's another scorcher so I'm off to the grocery store to hang out in the frozen food aisle.

diy simple summer dress // vintage basket purse // old lady shoes from Ross