West Cliff: A Walk

Eric and I have been going on beach excursions the past few weekends. I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but even though we live in a beach town, approximately two miles from the coast, we've only been to the beach together a handful of times, and only once in swim suits (ooh la la). We made a pact to try to take advantage of where we live right now; who knows if we might move away sometime? Summer in Santa Cruz has been beautiful, but predictably mild. If the ocean magically warmed to sixty-nine degrees, this might truly be paradise for me.

West Cliff Drive snakes North along the coast from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Gazing across the wide expanse of the bay is so relaxing, and the water was amazingly clear and blue. Eric had hoped Oreo would enjoy chasing little scuttling crabs and things around the tide pools, but she mostly stared longingly after the pelicans. She was a bit timid and stuck by his side until he got too close to the edge where the waves were breaking. Scruffy hair blowing in all directions, Oreo barely got her feet wet, picking her way carefully around the holes in the rock.