Old Fisherman's Wharf: Monterey Pt. I

Monterey Bay
Even though we already live in a beach town, last week mums and I drove down the coast the Monterey for lunch and a trip to the aquarium. I wanted to reflect the blues, greens and beige palette of the seaside. I'd originally planned to wear a nautical navy blue dress, but knowing how I'm always freezing in Monterey, I just gave up and layered up with an avian-print, ocean blue scarf, teal jeans and a beige bag. My hair decided to absorb all the moisture in the air (as did Oreo's; we're an unkempt pair). It seems to be time for some hat hoarding.

Old Fisherman's Wharf
We walked out to the wharf to visit my favorite ocean-side restaurant, The Old Fisherman's Grotto. Lovely view, friendly waitstaff, and best of all 9in my book), delicious food and amazing desserts. Mr. Seagull waited patiently outside our window, obviously used to being fed on warm days. A seal and an otter floated by during lunch, and pelicans flew overhead. And have you seen anything as scrumptious as that triple chocolate cake? We were way too stuffed to go into the old timey candy shoppes, but we did take a few shots outside <3