Worn: Rain Beau

It's been steadily raining for the past two or three days now, which makes it really feel like October, and the garden really loves the extra water. Or maybe the flowers just look more colorful when the sky is overcast. Eric loves going for walks when it's drizzly out; we get super bundled up and pretend we're in Ireland or something more romantic and historical than our beach town. We first met during winter, so it's a wonderful bit of deja vu to take walks in the cold, all layered with scarves and big coats. I thought it would be fun to show you what I wear when I don't "get dressed" and it's cold out.

Also, I made both of our scarves! I love that he's enough of a hippie to wear things I crochet :) I have like three sweaters on underneath that sweatshirt, and knee-high socks. The warm-ass coat I scored at the flea market for five or ten dollars, and the combat boots were a present. I used to live in hoodies, so I have a ridiculous amount of black zip-up ones for cold days, band-based or otherwise. I still love the effortlessly cool way a hoodie looks underneath a jacket.