Beach Basketball

santa Cruz is now the proud host of a D-league basketball team! Now, I'm not a big sports fan (I've only really gotten into baseball in the past year or so) but it's still something new and exciting to happen in such a small, sleepy town. The stadium was built right between the main downtown area and the Beach Boardwalk, so it's an exciting change to the landscape. Since the season opened last month, I've been lucky enough to attend two games, both of which were wins and a ton of fun. On New Years Day, our friends Laura and Tobin had extra tickets so Eric and I met up with them for a two o'clock game after walking and lunching by the beach. Little did we know, our seats were practically on the court. Being right up close to the action, seeing the players' faces and hearing them call to one another made it so much more exciting, and not only because we had to watch out for stray balls. Luckily we didn't get bowled over!

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