DIY Sweater Makeover

I clearly remember New Dress A Day being the first blog that made me pick up a box of fabric dye (thanks Marisa!). I'd never given it a shot before, but she made it look so easy! Altering the color of a garment makes such a drastic change, yet it's a simple way to update blah pieces in your closet. For example, I thrifted this big comfy sweater years ago, assuming that it's neutral oatmeal color would make it infinitely wearable. The poor thing has hung mostly unworn in my closet ever since, precisely because of its neutrality. I decided to try punching things up with a packet of wine Rit dye. Since it's important to keep dyes (and paints) away from things you eat from or cook with, I used one of the awesome, flexible storage bins I recently scored at the dollar store. I love the rosy hue of the sweater and can totally see myself styling it much more often now.