Navy Blue Ain't No Sad Hue

I think I must concur with Punxsutawney Phil: spring is a'coming early this year! There's been much sunshine lately, and very little rain. The few violent storms of winter that touched us here are almost already a distant memory. I am very ready to wear less layers and bask in longer days. Most of our indoor plants and succulents are popping off; did you know snake plants can flower? Eric and I jumped up and down on the sofa when we noticed it. It's still very cold at night, so the poor shivering outdoor greens are taking things more slowly. I hope our beautiful Angel's Trumpet bush recovers from winter as bravely as it did last year. The heady, sweet smell of it's night-blooming flowers remind me of warm summer evenings sitting on the porch after dinner, waiting for the house to cool down with a cool drink in hand.

 leopard bow belt c/o oasap / vintage pink velvet loafers, Crossroads Trading Co.
Did you guys have a good weekend? I sure did. It was very rejuvenating but also pretty busy. Eric and I cleaned the house, re-arranged the spare room and living room and moved in a second-hand couch we were lucky enough to come up on. There was also plenty of time to sleep in, enjoy leisurely cooked meals, and catch-up with friends and family. The weekend before that was our last-minute "Valentine's Day" trip to San Francisco, which was very unplanned but still ruled, because it included Union Square and room service in bed twenty floors up.

And after aforementioned trip, I'm ever so happy to introduce my preciousss (yes, whispered creepily like Gollum from Lord of the Rings), a present from my boy. I saw the "clearly crossbody" in a runway shot online months ago and thought it was really cool. In brilliant, flamboyant flame red. Oh yeah, I pinned it. When I walked by the row of bags in real life, I was dazed! I'm pretty sure I did something embarrassing like stop and do a double-take. But really, c'mon, it's so awesome! It's like a window-front or diorama of a purse, in a purse.