Downtown Dog

One of the many great things about small dogs is that they are openly welcomed in so many places we like to go as humans. Oreo gets so much attention whenever she is in public, bar the one random person who isn't into dogs. I used to be that person until I got to know a few smaller dogs very closely. Now I have grown to love the big slobbery stinky ones as well. But small dogs can hang outside on patios or trundle in and out of shops with you on quick errands. Oreo came downtown for a quick trip to the used bookstore and we reminisced about our big shopping trip the week before. The Bare Escentuals store ladies were in love with her.

I never thought I'd pick a jacket with "structured" shoulders, but this one just gets me like no other. First of all, I don't know if you can tell, but it's made of lined jersey, which gives it five million stars already. In my fictional book of magical jacket attributes. Ahem. Anyway, I can be a complete and  total sucker for anything black and white, and the vertical/horizontal stripes on this baby caught and held my eye, and heart. I can't wait to layer it over more t's and jeans, or use it to spice up basic skirts and dresses!

hat: forever 21 {similar} | tee: j. crew | striped blazer, forever 21 | flocked jeans, target | lulu studded cross-body  
bag, nordstrom rack | gladiator wedge sandals, forever 21| thrifted wooden necklace {similar}