Color-Blocking Made Easier | The Color Wheel and Your Closet

One of my favorite classes in college was color theory, and since then I've considered the color wheel the most beautiful creation of all time. Until yesterday, when I discovered the wonderful world of online interactive color wheels! This one is my very favorite: The tool is designed more for graphic designers than the fashion-forward, but everyone can benefit from some help when it comes to choosing different colors in one outfit. Sometimes the line between being eye-catching and being an eye-sore seems almost invisible.
But the color wheel can help, and this free site allows you to select a base hue (or more!) and then generate all kinds of color-blocking options. For example, shades directly across from one another are called complimentary colors. Shades touching each other are analagous. Any three colors equidistant from one another form a triad, one of the most common color-blocks seen. The color calculator offers all these color-blocking options and more to help you find a harmonious balance.
I just finished sewing a skirt for a tutorial, but was at a bit of a loss how to style it. The color is an unfathomable deep green with just a hint of blue. After doing my best to match the fabric's color, I generated the suggested triad, and fiddled with the light and darkness of the two new colors (originally brown and deep violet). The results helped me realize that the camel-colored lace sweater and lavender beaded necklace I already own will make a great impact with this skirt!