T-shirt & Jeans | The Classics

One of the benefits of not selling everything to Crossroads is being able to rediscover old treasures. I can't remember what fickle mood made me put these jeans in "the box." I should start using post-it notes. The Box is a sort of limbo for clothes; it's where I put stuff I haven't worn in ages, but am not sure I'm totally done with. And I am nowhere near done with these jeans! A few years ago, during the early rise of the "boyfriend" trend, I bought worn blue jeans several sizes too big so I could alter and cuff them. I went after the boxy t-shirt as well, cutting off the crew-neck, slimming the sides and cuffing the sleeves. Plain t-shirts of many colors often go on sale at craft stores like JoAnne's; I picked some up for something ridiculous like 5 for $15!

DIY gold chain necklace | polka-dot cardigan, Target sale | cotton t-shirt, Hane's | Element jeans, Crossroads
 Trading Company | Michael by Michael Kors wedges, Crossroads | J. Crew bracelet