Santa Cruz Summers + Utility Jackets

Weather patterns in this beach town are not as tropical as many tourists want it to be. We have a fair share of cool, overcast days during the summertime where you never see the sun or sky. But luckily, the past week or so has seen some beautiful weather! The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk hosts free Friday concerts on the sand. Last weekend my best friend and I went to the 6:30 performance by Blue Oyster Cult. Yes, this town is heavily stuck in past decades. The sun was still warm, the sky was clear, and the smell of cotton candy and beer wafted on the breeze. Even so, we wimps were ready with layers; the moment the sun went down behind the roller coaster, the temperature started dropping fast.

My new job is situated less than a block from the beach, though the weather on this side of town tends much more to clouds and ocean fog (see it lurking out there on the horizon in the pic below?) I'm often wearing two sweaters since I'm just sitting inside. Often I walk to the surf spot at the end of the street after work to join the dozens of other people who like to gaze out at the ocean view. I've also been trying to visit more scenic places nearby around sunset. I made it up a nearby hilly area and dodged a snake or two, but unfortunately the damned weather didn't really cooperate.

I've had this utility jacket for a few years now, and it's really held up well despite it's lightweight construction. It's perfect for layering and I can always use more pockets. Plus, it folds up really small! I think I might need a  new one with more weight and a lining to wear in winter, too. Where is your favorite utility jacket from?

  • Wet Seal jacket (similar here and here)
  • outfit one: teal Kill City jeans (Crossroads), thrifted shirt, polka-dot Tom's (gift), Forever 21 hat
  • outfit two: purple Kill City jeans (Crossroads), H&M sweater, yellow scarf (Ross)