Fremont Peak Haze

After missing blogging for a few month, I'm updating this space once again. My life has become fuller, and my focus has sharpened on my career, not so much on what I wear every day. I still love reading blogs and being a girl, but from now on, I'll be posting less on style and more about my journey toward becoming a better photographer. The layout is wider so I have a nice, easy place to stuff the results of my photography practisizing. 

Yesterday we took advantage of the sunny day and drove out to Fremont Peak. Fremont Peak is a look-out point and station on top of a mountain. I've never been there before, even though I have looked at it in the distance every clear day of my life. The view was incredible (we saw a bobcat!) but the haze and my Canon Rebel's limitations kept the full landscape a bit under cover. I would love to travel there on a completely clear day, or better yet, on a clear night!

I set the timer and then sprinted over to Eric, barely making it in time.