Home Sweet Home: 6 Best Indoor Plants

Modern living too often can seem like modern warfare: we have to worry about the toxic substances given off by our homes, cleansers and grooming products. Some of the most common chemicals floating around inside the typical home include ammonia and formaldehyde. But there are ways to fight the reduction of air quality inside our homes and apartments. Plants are way better at absorbing toxins than commercial air purifiers, and they use waaaaay less energy.

NASA once conducted a study* whose results give us the Top 6 Air-Purifying Houseplants, based on their effectiveness and how easy they are to take care of. I'd love to live inside a tropical greenhouse, sure, but until that dream is realized, I'll make do with decorating my house with more potted plants and soaking up the cleaner air. I've read that you need at least seven plants to make a difference, so we just have a few more to go.

 Do any of these look familiar? You might already have some growing in your home!

Bamboo Palms (1) and Snake Plants (2) are both superb at removing formaldehyde from the air. The Areca Palm (3) is supposed to be one of the best all-around air improvers. I'm considering placing Peace Lilies (5) in the bathroom or near sinks. They have a known ability to remove mold spores. We already have three Spider Plants (4) in the house, which is fun. They tend to grow long, snaky vines with can be fun guided over windows or doors. Besides the spideys, I've put a Gerbera Daisy (6) on each side of our bed, since they're supposed to recycle more carbon monoxide into oxygen during the night!

*image/info via www.liveinthenow.com