Safety Pin & Chain Bracelet

Ah, the golden safety pin, the epitome of luxurious Do-It-Yourself-ness.

Marc Jacobs, Tom Binns and Cheap Monday (shown) are putting out gloriously glittery creations made from the most basic of craft supplies: the good old safety pin. And this isn't your usual old tribal safety pin bracelet, either. Instead of stringing a ton of safety pins onto elastic and making a cuff, this project uses a large safety pin as a decorative clasp. I can totally see Debbie Harry or Gwen rocking stacks of these!

Materials: I used six inch lengths of various chain scraps I had lying around, a few jump rings, and a large gold-tone "quilter's safety pin". 

In order to turn the safety pin into a usable clasp, the open end of the pin needs to allow a jump ring to pass through it. The head of my pin was too small, so I used pliers to open it up a little more.

Attach your chain lengths to one large jump ring, which will act as part of the closure.

Use another jump ring to secure the other ends to the smaller end of the pin. 

You can stop now, but I was feeling jingly-jangly so I added a few smaller, beaded pins as accents. You could also glue some tiny rhinestones to the head of the pin to up the luxe factor. 

If you'd like to buy a supply kit to make your own, click here!