Movie Night: The Mini Skirt Mob

I came across this title while perusing movies on netflix and was immediately intrigued by the title. Turns out, this 1968 low-budge gem is a lot tougher than the title. The ladies rule in this biker gang, and the men are just along for the ride. But their beer-guzzling, outlaw ways are put on hold by one jilted gal's plan to destroy her former flame and his goody two-shoes new girlfriend. Check out this movie if you want some campy new pseudo-Girl Power inspiration and serious style tips from Shayne and Edie, the feisty but ill-fated blonde sisters, and Connie, the sheltered but ultimately victorious "other woman." If you're up for some hilarious antics (it's not a comedy) consider The Mini Skirt Mob on movie night!