Worn: Lace + Leisure

One sunny, beautiful day recently past I went to visit my mom for lunch out in hills of Aptos. I have been wanting to don this tri-shaded lace dress again for a while now, but since the last time I wore it was to a wedding, I have a slight mental block about it. My brain far too often compartmentalizes and categorizes it's way out of spontaneity, so I shut down my mind and ran around the closet playing dress "down."

  I'm a big fan of wearing (faux) leather jackets year round (over dresses, jeans, shorts, whatever) but it's been a wee bit too hot during the day for that lately. That's where the military jacket comes in. Years running now, this thing has remained a staple in my wardrobe. With the sleeves cuffed, the light fabric and fit makes it perfect as a cover up on breezy summer days. And worn with a vest and sweater, it's a key element in fall layering. At thirty-something dollars, the military jacket has paid for itself many times over in the past few years.

Wet Seal cargo jacket 
Behnaz Sarafpour for Target dress via Crossroads Trading Co. 
H&M sandals