DIY Vinyl Collar Necklace

 The embellished neckline and collar necklace trend doesn't look like it's going anywhere fast, so get on making some of your own! They're super easy and customizable; all you need are some scraps of vinyl or faux leather, a hole punch, jump rings, and some cording or chain for the necklace! If you'd like to download my collar template to print out, {click here} and then follow the simple directions below!

  1. Trace one side of the template onto the back of your vinyl piece.
  2. Flip the template over before tracing the second piece. Cut out both pieces.
  3. Punch holes in the upper and lower corners of the collar. Attach chain to collar with a jump ring
  4. Attach clasp and two more jump rings
  5. Join the center of the collar with another jump ring, a brad, or a decorative button or ribbon.

I used more of this pink vinyl to make a mirrored statement necklace. Check it out in my guest post on my new favorite craft blog Teahab!