We Are All Pretty Birds

Two of the four wee eggs have hatched! The two twin baby birds nestle in their tiny nest like downy, brownish-grey sardines in a can, while mama goes off to find grubs and other yummy things. It's hard to convey just how small and precious they are! I think the first photo makes them a tad larger than they are in real life.

I had to quote fashion photographer Tamu McPherson from her street style blog, All The Pretty Birds. The full sentence from her old manifesto is "Wherever we fall on the fashion spectrum, we are all beautiful creatures. We are all pretty birds." I've loved it, and her, since I discovered her when I first started blogging. To me, she represents a warmer and smarter side of fashion, having left her career as a lawyer to pursue her passion for photography and passion, and is now also an editor for Grazia.it. She epitomizes the idea of style as personal expression, to be appreciated by everyone regardless of personal taste. I've a Pinterest board with the few photos I can find of her (and other street style photogs) in action — check it out here, and her pins here. I'll leave you with a few more wise words from Ms. McPherson to brighten your weekend:

"I think that if you can make someone feel good by smiling or being positive, that's a blessing, and you should."  

"I love dressing up: today I want to be a business man, but tomorrow, maybe, I want to be a ballerina."

"I like to be glamorous, we are in Milan and there are a lot of elegant ladies out there. The best thing about fashion playing is dressing up. I really enjoy myself: you can be like a fourteen year old for the rest of your life if you really want to."

"I love marzipan." *Possibly the most important!