Movie Night: Cry Baby

It's been a while since I've seen John Waters' masterpiece mocking teen musicals Cry Baby, but I recently chanced upon it in the on demand free movies section and jumped on it. If you've never seen this hilarious romp, please try to rent it! A greased-up Johnny Depp circa 1990 is wonderful in and of itself, but the film is actually great, too. The Drapes, kids from the wrong side of the tracks, are pitted against the rich kids when Depp's "Crybaby" Wade Walker falls for their bubbly blonde Allison when she tires of being "square."

I love the styling and characters in this film, too. I'm pretty sure Hatchet Face is going to be my Halloween costume inspiration this year. Style-wise, Cry Baby is a another example of how nothing beats skirts and moto jackets. Now that I've taken another look at Traci Lords in this movie, I finally realized why looking at current pictures of Tavi Gevinson seem like deja vu. Those cute blonde baby bangs, winged liner and unimpressed stare - total ringer for Wanda Woodward (see pic below). I'm seriously having a hard time remembering how weird I look with baby bangs... *EDIT: Tavi totally already knows about the resemblance, duh*

Did I mention that Johnny Depp plays rock 'n roll? And that Ricki Lake and Iggy Pop have roles in it? This early 90's film has become a cult classic, so definitely check out the movie, and/or check out the google search for Cry Baby Tattoos!