Worn: Back-To-Schoolmarm

Oh darn, I shoulda worn my reading glasses with this outfit. Instead, I put on some red lipstick and awkwardly held my self-timer, boo... Anywayz, my favorite new satchel that just arrived in the mail from oasap. I picked it out without thinking how perfectly fall orange and green are, so I love it even more now it's in my hands. Sometimes I forget I'm out and about in public and leave my purses dangling open so I can easily rummage in them, to my disparagement. Luckily nothing has been lost or stolen before, but now that I have to go through such a serious closure (two zippers and a cross-lock) my stuff is safe for sure!

Isn't late afternoon so beautiful? 
Haha, it just popped into my brain that both the daily natural occurrence and the blogger are both pretty beautiful, no?


cropped Cheap Monday jeans, hand-me-downs
Bridge & Burn shirt, secondhand from Crossroads
vintage sweater {for sale soon in my shop}
Nine West moccasins, Crossroads
Posh polish #571, Revlon