DIY Autumn Wreath

a wreath base (or make one of heavy paper or cardboard), a pack of fall leaves, craft glue, yarn in assorted colors (for pom-poms), felt (for the yellow buds), rhinestones (painted with nail-polish), or buttons, or whatever else you'd like to decorate your wreath. I found almost everything I needed at the dollar store (I'm obsessed with the dollar store).

*I didn't make the how-to-pom image, it's originally from beautiful site*

What I Did:
  • Glue leaves to wreath as a base, and paint the rhinestones with nail polish in complimentary colors (I used gold and deep reds). Let both dry completely while you assemble the other parts.
  • I wanted large pom-poms, so I used four fingers instead of a wooden spoon to make them using the technique above*. I used yarn from my stash in marigold yellow, rust and maroon. You don't have to make them too perfect, since part of them will just be glued to the wreath. The more yarn you use, the fluffier and denser each pom will be.
  • I cut one inch wide strips of felt and rolled them up for the yellow buds. While searching for the original post where I saw the technique, I just discovered a much much less time consuming (and way prettier) method which you can check out {here}. I glued them to the leaves in a little cluster at the bottom left. I also glued on the rhinestones haphazardly to suggest berries.
  • Cover the remaining empty spaces on the wreath with pom-poms, overlapping a few leaves here and there. Glue and hold each pom in place for 10-20 seconds, then move on to another area while that one dries. You could also use wire or string and tie each pom down. Let the wreath dry completely overnight before hanging it up.

This was so much fun to make! I hung it above the dining table. I think I want to make one of these for every season/month! Christmas colors, packages and glitter for December! More glitter and all white for January! Pastels in spring! Neons in summer!