DIY Dangly Earrings

You know what's been neglected in my sartorial life lately? Earrings! I went through so much to pierce my own ears when I was younger, so I feel like I owe it to my lobes to accessorize them more. I always feel a lot more dressed up when I'm wearing earrings. And what's more fun and more fall than a dangling pair in rich colors like red and gold?

  • a small scrap of leather, vinyl, or heavy cardstock {for the backing}
  • two gems {I painted rhinestones bright red with nailpolish; also consider using buttons, charms, shells or beach glass}
  • strong glue
  • jewelry supplies - earring blanks, jump rings, pliers or tweezers 
  • extras -  beads and headpins for more dangly bits

  1. On the backing material, trace a larger shape around your main gemstone; cut out 2.
  2. Glue the gems to the backing material and let dry. Poke a small hole in each oval so you can attach it later.
  3. Arrange the beads in order on a headpin. I used a flat carved gold one with two black seed beads on each. 
  4. Bend the free end with jewelry pliers, trim off excess, and close the loop.
  5. Piece together the earrings with jump rings, and wear!