True Blue

Sorry for my absence, I've been sick all week, snuggled up in the soft new hoodie I scored at the Giants game on Monday night. I have been waiting for my new wool bowler hat to arrive in the mail for a few weeks, and the mailman made my day by knocking on the screen door today with the package. Slam-slam-slam, went the door, bam-bam-bam went my heart for a minute, and then it kept going with excitement.

I chose navy blue, but the color is much more brilliant in the light of day. I was so excited after I unwrapped it because it perfectly compliments my favorite floral sweater, which has been hanging from my lamp, waiting for the perfect occasion. But whoa, nellie! I got a little excited hopping around that I almost flashed ya'll. Thanks so much, hat! You're a true blue friend of my closet.

bowler hat c/o oasap
floral h&m sweater
oasap chiffon dress
target wedges