Halloween | Closet Costumes Part 2

Daria & Jane
 Now that lace up black boots are back in everyone's wardrobes, throwing together a little monotone MTV throwback tribute wouldn't be no thang. Daria Morgendorrfer and Jane Lane's mainly-black daily uniforms just need a bright green coat or red blazer to set them apart. Maybe scrounge up a pair of round frames for Daria, or dark lipstick and a major side part for Jane, and make sure to go extra heavy on the sarcasm.

Boris & Natasha {of Rocky & Bullwinkle}
Another fun pairing would be Russian duo Boris and Natasha. I know I don't just happen to have a strapless purple dress just lyin' around, but maybe one of you does? And most of us have some sort of black heeled shoes, along with a little moustachioed black-clad man, right?

Calvin & Hobbes
These two pals were my constants as a kid; I had every collection. I used to wish so so so hard that one of my biggest stuffed animals would come to life when we were alone and be my best friend, too. Now that I'm al(most) growed up, these terrible two provide the perfect inspiration for do-it-yourself fun craft times: draw horizontal stripes on a red t-shirt and make mischief like Calvin. Draw tiger stripes on an orange shirt, paint on some whiskers and a black nose, and make merry like Hobbes.