Raindrops and Pansies

It's been raining so much lately, I'm sure the plants are very happy! I really don't mind all the green and grey wetness. The boy and I had an unexpected day off together today, and during a dry spell we went out to gobble up some yummy diner breakfasts and then went for a little turn around the neighborhood. I'm just a little obsessed with water droplets, in case you haven't noticed yet. Their fleeting, trembling perfection just begs to be photographed. Good thing we were too full to really try to walk fast, because I'm sure it was annoying to stop every few feet whenever I gasped and saw another raindrop-bedazzled plant or tree.

If I'm not wearing sweats, I'm wearing jeans and these trusty combat boots. To dress it up a bit and add some girly edge, I slipped on the beautiful Elevenses corset-back coat I scored at an Anthropologie sale last winter and the awesome black and gold pyramid necklace I recently received from oasap.com. I'm really loving it against the graphic black and white shirt a friend recently handed down to me. Ah the perks of being the "crafty" friend: people often give me things that are a bit torn or ill-fitting on them. I'm wearing it backwards, but I bet ya can't tell!