Fuzzy Was She

I thought working for a company that solely utilizes faux fur would make me a little biased toward the stuff. I've had to restrain myself from making a fur mini or something crazy. Now there are gorgeous fur pom-poms, muffs, scarves and vests everywhere. Lucky for moi, I guess. We are going to offer hooded vests online soon, but as soon as I saw the prototype I was obsessed and had to cut out one for myself and another for my bestie. She's had multiple faux fur vests over the years, and often they got ruined and couldn't be washed, so I'm pleased I can make her something that will last. The furs are so soft and luxurious, and I'm loving the undertones and colors. I'll try to get a close-up shot next time!

 Wompawear custom vest | J. Crew tee | Wet Seal jeans | Forever 21 cowboy booties | diy necklace