Pop Pop Pop

Iwas lucky enough to receive a sodastream for Christmas, and I've been loving it! I use it pretty much every day. The chemical-ridden soda flavor packets it came with are definitely less than impressive, though, so I've been having fun making up flavored simple syrups to flavor the bubbly. I can't believe how much plastic and money we've saved on mineral water and sodas. So far I've made clementine, basil lime, lemon ginger, and berry syrups. They're so easy and it's nice knowing every simple ingredient that's going into your drink. Plus, you can adjust the amount for a sweeter or more lightly flavored beverage. Lemon-lime syrup and bubbly water is so much more refreshing that a Sprite! Basically, you bring an equal amount of water and sugar to a boil along with the ingredients, let simmer, cool, and mix with the juice of the fruit, if possible. Time to visit the farmer's market for pink grapefruits and more lemons and limes. I also want to try cream soda and cola, even though that last recipe calls for eleven ingredients!