Red Riding Hood

Not really a hood, but I think you gals will get the reference, given the bright color and the foresty setting. I bet Lil Red would have been into combat boots too, though. They're very well suited to traipsing around bare-legged in half a foot of dead leaves. Even so, this was about five minutes before the sun slipped a little further behind the trees and shit got cold REALFAST. I pulled this crazy clutch from it's usual position as decoration for once; I went to college in Santa Barbara and had a slight internal meltdown when a Betsey Johnson boutique opened up the street from my part-time job at Forever 21 (shudder). The embroidered, pommed straw and gold clutch is one of the few things I could afford, on mega sale of course. I went a little insane in the moment though, since when do I really need a clutch? Hence it's decorative status. I really should attach a chain or strap and use it more! P.S The last pic is my favorite. Oreo's crowded little under-bite snaggle-toof gets me EVERY TIME!

J. Crew Factory draped shift dress | Betsey Johnson clutch | diy tassel necklace | Macy's combat boots