6 Week Pinterest Challenge

Sisters Share It All: Pinterest Challenge
Hello ladies and new blog friends! I wanted to tell you all about a pinterest challenge over on Merricks Art blog that I'm joining. Gotta get moving on some projects!

I definitely use pinterest daily to collect and organize all the ideas I see for diy, blogging, style, cooking, and decorating on a budget. However, I manifest those "great!" and "amazing!" pins into awesome real life projects much less often. And that's going to change starting now. Or tomorrow morning, to be exact.

Merrick and her two sisters have committed to recreating six pins in six weeks and will share the results afterward. I will try to post on each project individually. When I went into my archived pins to start narrowing things down for my six, which took quite a while, I re-discovered some projects I'd been really excited about in the moment, but then got lost in the daily shuffle. Here are the six pins I'm signing up for the project:
1. Sew a skirt+shirt=dress / 2. Marc Jacobs safety pin tasseled earrings / 3. Woven jersey top DIY
4. Eclair Pie / 5. simple tassel necklace / 6. Prouenza Schouler zip-bottom blazer