Davenport Snaps

I have so much to tell you after this past weekend! But first I want to post the rest of the pictures from earlier this month when we tripped up Highway One to The Roadhouse for brunch and a walk along the beach. The gallery next to the restaurant has been repainting this sunglass-shaped sign for years; it's so cheesy but I love seeing it every time. Maybe they even drew out the sun, because we were lucky enough to drive out of the fog around Santa Cruz to a bright beautiful day. 

I've seen whales in this part of the bay, from the bluff, and it's absolutely wonderful. We'd hoped to see some, but whales being whales, they remained unseen and mysterious. Grey whales of this region spend the winter breeding in the warmer waters off Mexico, then migrate north during February to feed in the cold waters of Alaska. It's a mighty 12,000 mile (20,000 km) trip that takes them right through the Monterey Bay twice a year. Below the bluff are the remains of a whaling station from the bad ole days. I wonder if whales take their calves to certain sites to teach them of their history, like we do. 
Backpack. That has to be the one of the nicest tags I've ever seen.
 We wondered what all the people in wetsuits were wading for in the shallow, foamy surf. Sand crabs? Gold?