At Home: Drink Station

The little table next to the fridge has become a mini drink station for the sodastream maker. It looks lushier than we really are though; all those bottles were gifts. From almost a year ago. I have the tolerance (and stomach) of a baby when it comes to drinking, but after seeing a recipe for Whiskey Lemonade last evening, I still felt compelled to try it out.
I had just made a fresh batch of Meyer lemon simple syrup, so it seemed serendipitous. I only had Bushmill's whiskey though, so my version was a bit gnarly. I think people are born with a taste for whiskey (what is with my babies-and-alcohol-theme?). Other people, myself and Eric included, just aren't cool enough to really enjoy its flavor. Still, having this set-up makes me more inclined to try mixing my soda syrups into cocktails. Pink grapefruit syrup with seltzer and vodka sounds nice, doesn't it? Or lime-basil...mmm. I really just like plain soda, I guess. Ha.