Black & Gold & Daytime

I wore this casual denim and cardigan outfit yesterday for a lazy afternoon of hanging out with Eric. We did a few errands across town, yelled at bad drivers, and then chowed down on hamburgers and fries in the sunshine at Jack's. When we returned home, there was a Valentine's package in the mailbox. Aren't surprise gifts the best? Inside the candy-heart wrapping were this amazing pair of Toms and some pink and red candy. What could be more perfect for me than gold and black polka dots? I've never owned a pair of Tom's before, and they are so much more comfortable than I'd expected. I'm wearing the shoes as house slippers while I drink chai at my desk, and I'm about to redo my nails a brick reddish hue. Yeah, Tom's and matte nail polish are my very favoritest things right now.

Toms shoes | Forever 21 top | NYC Matte Topcoat