Step Back

Alright, I can't hold it in any longer. I'm about two weeks behind on the current season of Downton Abbey and it's driving me crazy. So if you're even more behind, spoiler alert (stop reading now! NOW!) I mean, I saw it coming with those stupid doctors having a pissing contest, but still. I can't believe Sybil died! Boo! Now, I realize I'm showing way too much leg right now to accurately say that Downton is influencing my style, but it's definitely been rubbing off on my hair. After trying out this excellent finger-waving tutorial, I've found a quick, easy, and most importantly heat-free way to style my hair. So thank you, Downton Abbey and coconut oil, for joining forces to wage war on split ends. Now I'm just hoping Tom doesn't abandon his new babe to go fight his own war... dun dun dun...

worn: bird & nest necklace c/o oasap | diy denim circle skirt | striped tee, Forever 21 
vintage bag | diy dyed sweater, Crossroads Trading Co. | lace-up wedges, Wet Seal