With our various jumbled schedules, it's often difficult to squeeze in quality time with loved ones. "Weekends" aren't always the same anymore. Irregular schedules can often make trying to plan a group outing very daunting. Luckily, my boy and my mom both had this past (sunny!) Thursday off with me, and since quality time is usually enhanced by the presence of quality food, we took a short trip up the coast the the Davenport Roadhouse for lunch. I've eaten here many times over the years, back to when it was called The Cash Store, but this lunch was especially spectacular. I'm usually a breakfast-at-all-hours kind of gal, but we missed the new breakfast menu by a half hour. The fish 'n chips I chose ended up being the yummiest decision ever. If you're ever driving around Highway 1 north of Santa Cruz, I highly recommend you stop!