Gone Thriftin'

I wore this the other day when I went out to run some errands and peruse the closest Goodwill. I definitely made out pretty good for $6. I found a long, oxblood corduroy dress, a rad mug, and a random organizer thing I'm going to use for jewelry findings. I almost got a yellow velvet chair to replace my hideous desk chair, but it wasn't quite what I wanted, so I exercised all of my willpower and left it there for someone else. However, I keep thinking about a green blazer and polka-dot skirt-suit I saw; I might go back tomorrow and check if they're still there (fingers crossed). I have an intense love of coats made from sweatshirt jersey, so I couldn't pass up this red second-hand Old Navy gem, even though it was several sizes too big. After sewing a few new seams, it's my comfiest coat! The Nine West braided backpack was another past find I had big DIY plans for, but I still can't decide whether to use bedazzle it with gold studs or paint/sew a southwestern-print panel. What do you think? 

thrifted jacket + backpack | bdg floral jeans, uo {similar} | Forever 21 cowboy boots