Worn: Mostly Black

I love wearing colors more and more each year, but falling back to black feels so good sometimes. I've always toyed with the idea of curating a black and white wardrobe. And since the sun decided to hide behind the clouds this weekend, it seemed as good a time as any for a more wintry look. Over the weekend I wore this mod-ish dress to run a few errands and get dinner with Eric at our favorite Hawaiian-inspired local place, Aloha Island Grille. I get the chicken katsu every single time.

 random dress, Ross ° lace-up boots {similar} ° Marc Jacobs Clearly Crossbody purse
 diy gold chain necklace ° J. Crew long sleeve black tee ° Target $5 tights

I layered a long sleeve t-shirt under the dress and later popped on my black leather jacket for warmth. I just can't believe it's already March, can you? I still feel like sometimes it's still the holidays! Maybe that's just my delusional mind...or maybe it has something to do with this dress. The last time I wore it {here} I was bare-legged on the beach in January! But I'm happy it's March: the nights are getting warmer and my birthday is in a few weeks, so there's lots to look forward to.