Currently I'm...

Watching: Battlestar Galactica. I'm ending Season 3 right now I made fun of my best friend for years for liking this show. Last week, I watched the first couple episodes and got hooked. My foot is squarely in my mouth. It's so fraking embarrassing...
Reading: Anna Karenina (I never tackled it before) at a sporadic pace, and I'm also still slowly going through The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People (sorta stuck in chapter two...)
Looking forward to: celebrating my birthday with my Mom, Sephora and The Cheesecake Factory next week
Wearing: all black sweats (whaaat)
Drinking: Mexican Coca-Cola 
Thinking about: finding more freelance work. Does anyone need blog layout/design help?
Making me happy: discovering an old packed-away camera of Eric's and re-appropriating the zoom lens
What have you all been currently up to? 
Feel free to answer the comments or leave a link to your own "Currently" post! Feel free to add or subtract questions as you like. Consider using some of the following prompts instead: eating, listening to, drinking, enjoying, wearing, smelling, proud of, grateful for, smiling about.