Worn: Hats Off To Ya

Seriously, how do you ladies keep your hats on? Is there a secret hatpin society that no one blogs about??

I found this gorgeous vintage hat in excellent condition at Crossroads and snapped it up, but it feels so unsure on my head. I've ordered a navy wool bowler for winter as well, and I think I need to investigate hatpins and hairpins a bit more. In the meantime, I've been sewing a dress that I can't wait to wear, re-watching Control with the boy and mourning the loss of Ian Curtis, dreaming of big coats, listening to Hot Water Music and trying out new chai muffin recipe variations.

I've been stocking up on supplies for my new job, too. For those that asked about it, I am photographing crafts to update an education website. I need to make the crafts as well, so I've been burrowing into tissue paper and white glue and construction paper. It's pretty much the perfect job for me because I get to stay home and work on my own schedule, utilize my photography and craft experience, and be helpful to the next generation! I like kids and all, but I don't want to work directly with them, haha!

vintage Mallory hat, Crossroads Trading Co.
secondhand floral blouse, Crossroads
vintage loafers, Crossroads
jersey skirt, handmade