An Update

Hello again everyone, I haven't given up or gone into witness protection or anything. I've just been enjoying the holidays and counting my blessings. My blog life underwent some huge shifts when I ended a three-year-old blog with more than six hundred followers, to start fresh with about thirty :) One of my resolutions is definitely to be a better blogger. I've been so awed and happy for Marisa of New Dress A Day, a blog buddy from early on. She's seen so much success and growth; I'm only sad that we had the opportunity to meet (twice) but I couldn't manage it. There's always this year!

I feel so grateful that my work life has changed so drastically and so much for the better. I still have a time making ends meet, but being self-employed and being creative is the biggest blessing. To see my little craft photos go live on and to help hand-make hats that are going to make people very happy, well, it's made me feel a pride and satisfaction I haven't experienced in a long time, if ever to such a degree. Many of my dearest friends underwent big life changes this year as well, and while there were some very rough times, I am really happy to report that it seems we've all come through the storms intact and ready to face a brighter day. I'm looking forward to being a better friend, partner, daughter, and human in 2013 (and by better I mean more active, loving, and supportive). Happy New Year and I'll see ya on Monday morning!

P.S. I made a style sheet for the updates I'm doing on the blog. Even though it took a long time, it was really fun choosing colors and fonts to create a cohesive theme and putting them all in one pretty, organized place.