Good morning! The weather's been really up and down for the past few days, so I'm quite happy to stay inside and wear sweatshirts. But what's the best indoor activity ever? Food! I have to recommend these two things to you gal since they make me so happy.

A while ago I mentioned this recipe for black bean burgers that I wanted to try. Well, I finally did, I took a picture, and I want you to try it because it really is easy, turns out delicious, and is healthy! I added chili powder and shaped them into mini burgers, to go with the mini buns I've been wanting to use. To cook them, I used some olive oil I've been infusing with rosemary, instead of regular oil. These added flavors really knocked this recipe out of the park for me. The recipe made more than I'd expected so I froze a few uncooked patties for later, but I'm already thinking about making them again. I want to add whole peppercorns, a trick my friend uses all the time that I've never tried. I LOVE black pepper and having bursts of them implode while I'm eating...okay my face is getting warm just thinking about it!

This Champagne Pear Vinaigrette from Trader Joe's has become a serious staple in my fridge, and most people who try it want to know what it is. I normally don't like blue cheese anywhere near my food, but that just tells you HOW MUCH I love this dressing. I like to toss a salad with chopped pear, apple, carrots, dried cranberries, candied walnuts, crystallized ginger bits, and drizzle with the dressing. YUM! It makes me feel fancy and tastes phenomenally fresh. I don't know if you want to drink champagne with lunch or dinner, but just accept that you might have to pick up a bottle while you're at Trader's getting this salad dressing and some pears!